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M2 lab is established in Feb 2022 after Dr. Sahin returned from abroad and started as an assistant professor at Yildiz Technical University. M2 represents medical and mechatronics which are our main focuses on the R&D.

As a new lab, M2 Lab is primarily focused on improving the infrastructure, scientific and funding power. Currently, several projects are being drafted. With the involvement of such projects, M2 Lab expect to welcome more senior scientists for joining our team from all over the world.

In addition to fostering a dynamic research environment, M2 Lab also provides opportunities for our students to get hands-on experience and develop their skills by participating in our ongoing projects. We will keep our website updated with the latest developments and progress as we continue our scientific journey.


Our Key Interests

As a leading research lab, M2 Lab has a diverse portfolio of projects that vary in terms of funding, topic, and expertise. We have experience working with state, EU, and privately funded projects, with a particular focus on the development of ophthalmological technology. Additionally, we have experience in the production and development of medical devices under the new MDR and CE marking regulations. Furthermore, we have provided consultancy support to various medical companies under non-disclosure agreements (NDA).

Our primary goal is to create a unique environment where we can bring together multi-disciplinary teams and projects. While our main focus is optomechatronic system design and ophthalmology, we also collaborate with our department, partners, and students to develop projects in a variety of areas, such as mechanics, electronics, software, and medical device development.

M2 is committed to building and expanding our professional network and pursuing more EU or TUBITAK funded projects, in order to continue pushing the boundaries of medical and mechatronics technology and make a positive impact on society.

Projects & Grants

in progress


ADEP - Research Universities Grant Program

Project Partner

Predicting Performance of Archers with an Artificial Intelligence Model Powered by Archer Heart Rhythm and Exercise Data from Heartbeat


1001 - Scientific and Technological Research Projects Support Program

Project Partner

Design and Control of a Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Micro-Gravity Platform Based on Electrodynamic Levitation for Ground-Based Emulations


1002 - Short Term R&D Funding Program

Project Coordinator

Reading Support Device for the Visually Impaired


Guided Research Grant Program

Project Partner

Super Paramagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle (SPION) Targeting Deep Tissue Photo-Acoustic Microscopy


Research Universities Grant Program - ADEP

Project Coordinator

Optical and Biomechanical Digital Twin of the Human Eye


Research Universities Grant Program - ADEP

Project Partner

Magnetic Particle Imaging and Laser-Guided Energy Harvesting for In-body Microrobot Manipulation


Membership Support for International Networks - Tubitak


European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC)

Our Team

Our Lab Structure


M2 Lab is structured under 4 categories. Our youngest members are the apprentice candidates / Minions. These are our freshman, sophomore, or junior students of the Department of Mechatronics of the Yıldız Technical University. Our candidates dedicate their free time for creating basic mechatronic projects. Their main focus is creating practical hands-on knowledge.

The second group of students is our apprentices which are usually our junior or senior students. Our apprentices work on a specific project for their "mechatronic system design class" or "Graduation Project".

Our last student group is the Seniors. As mentioned above M2 Lab is newly established and creating funding for new projects. Our seniors will be hired by such projects and will be MSc or Ph.D. students. Their main time will be dedicated to their E.U. or State funded projects as well as supporting the M2 Lab, and its apprentices and candidates.


TeaM2 - sM2aille - TUBITAK 1002



Marouane El M. Lfellah

Apprentice - TeaM2 sM2aille

Ziya Müftüoğlu

Apprentice - TeaM2 sM2aille


Semih Ali Çabuk



TeaM2 - plat4M2 - TUBITAK 2209

Ulaş Uşaklı

Apprentice - plat4M2

Sıla Çakmak

Apprentice - plat4M2

Ipek Nisa Canalp

Apprentice - plat4M2

Apprentice Candidates / Minions


Abdullah Mahmutoğlu


Salaheldin Eltantawy


Bilge Toprak


Omar Alaksh


Saif Alareqi


Mustafa Almohamad


Ahmed ElGamasy


Dinu Putere


Muhammed Velid Shalati


The Leader

Onurcan Sahin

Dr. Sahin is a highly accomplished engineer and researcher with a deep expertise in the fields of physics, mechanical engineering, and medical technology. He holds a BSc in physics engineering and an MSc in mechanical engineering from Istanbul Technical University. He then went on to earn his Ph.D. in the Institute of Vision and Optics at the University of Crete, School of Medicine, where he worked on an EU-funded project called "OPAL."

Furthermore, Dr. Sahin was a member of a multidisciplinary team led by Professor Ioannis Pallikaris, who is also known as the inventor and "father of the LASIK technique."

In addition to his academic work, Dr. Sahin has also held various positions in the Dunyagoz Hospital group, including R&D Manager and Biomedical Engineer. His last project was a privately-funded project for a product that he also contributed IP rights to. This project presented several challenges, including securing IP rights, funding, and creating a production infrastructure. He successfully overcame these challenges and was able to bring the product from an idea to a final product.

Currently, Dr. Sahin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechatronics at Yildiz Technical University and the founder of M2 Lab. For more information, please visit our website here.


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